InCIT 2023

The 7th International Conference on Information Technology (InCIT 2023) is a leading forum for presenting cutting-edge developments in information and communication technologies, with a particular focus on innovative, next-generation solutions. This year’s theme, “Shaping a Greener Tomorrow: Integrating Sustainable Innovations and Transformations for a Resilient Society,” highlights the conference’s commitment to green technology and sustainability in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. InCIT 2023 warmly invites researchers and industry professionals to engage in meaningful dialogue about sustainable technologies, explore their potential for promoting long-term resilience, and foster an exchange of knowledge aimed at creating a more eco-friendly future.

We greatly value your insightful contributions and eagerly await welcoming you at InCIT 2023.

Technical Topics

• Artificial Intelligence
• Augmented and Virtual Reality
• Bio-medical Informatics
• Cloud Service and Computing
• Communications and Networking
• Computer Animation and Game
• Control Systems and Automation
• Data Science and Analytics
• Database Technology
• Devices, Circuits, and Systems
• Digital Multimedia Technology
• E-Commerce, E-Education, E-Government, E-Industry, E-Society
• Electrical Power Systems
• Full Self-Driving
• Geo-Informatics
• Human-Computer Interaction
• Image Processing
• Intelligence Communications
• Internet of Things
• IT and Mobile Application
• IT and Project Management
• IT in Education
• IT Security and privacy
• Natural language Processing
• Network Security and Privacy
• Pattern Recognition
• Platform Technologies
• Power Electronics
• Quantum Computing
• Robotics
• Signal Processing
• Smart and Expert Systems
• Smart Antenna
• Web and Internet Technologies
• Wireless and Mobile Networks
• Other Related Topics